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In the last few years, VIPL has witnessed substantial and consistent growth. We offer complete project services from Feasibility, design and construction to facility management. VIPL is a civil engineering firm located in India with close to 70 professionals working on a variety of projects funded by both the Indian Government and Private Clients.

VIPL’s services include pre-design, master planning, preliminary and detailed designs, tender documents, preparation of specifications and drawings etc. We believe our unique corporate structure enables VIPL to successfully complete large and complex turnkey projects.

VIPL is synonymous with dependability, integrity and precision. Our legacy is that of innovation, hard work and sincerity.

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Built on Core Values

Our diverse portfolio represents decades of construction experience backed by a passion for quality, outstanding client service industry technologies.


We value our people the most and keep strong belief that everyone matters.


Master planning, preli-minary and detailed designs, preparation of specifications & drawings


Partnering with our clients to deliver the best out of our services for the progress of nation.


Best In Business

Shaikh Amer
Managing Director
Shaikh Sahahrukh

Have been personally impressed by the management and team work of VIPL, would like to recommend the company to companies in transaction with them to do business.

Anil Gaikwad
Civil Engineer

The top management along with all the team members are amazing and cooperative through out every phase of the work execution. Best company to rely with work.

Mahesh Kokare
Electrical Engineer

A reputed name in the business with reputed management and work force executes plans with ease, ensuring every detail is covered with best budgets.

Mohsin Tamboli

Following all the safety precautions for every field employee throughout the project with appropriate safety measures from Vaseela Infrastructure is amazing.

Archana Ghute
Health & Safety Officer

Specializing in trenchless
environmental friendly technology

Vaseela Infrastructure Private Limited operates with a construction management philosophy that begins with the formation of a team of professionals based on the nature of the Job to be done, consisting of the Client, a Design Team and Vaseela Infrastructure Private Limited that promotes the development of a partnering relationship among team members. The team will be formed during the planning and design phase of the project so that maximum benefit of all the professionals can be obtained to give the client the best value for the project. This team may also include Foreign Technical Advisors/ Designers to plan and execute the projects as per the requirement of the project. The formation of the Team in the planning stage enables all the Members to visualize their role in the project which facilitates early completion of the project due to proper planning.
Our areas of business include infrastructure construction like Roads, Highways and Urban Infrastructure. At VIPL, our non-obstructive/non-intrusive working style has helped us to handle challenging projects that require unique solutions and timely execution to complete the projects within the timeframe with maximum client satisfaction.
Any business grows and becomes a success when there is a firm foundation and a strong backbone, which essentially means the TEAM. At VIPL, as we always state, we believe in building a strong team for each project with local expertise as well as scoping for technical experts from around the world in order to utilize newer techniques and operating systems. We have a highly qualified management team and an experienced employee base. Our completed projects speak volumes about this experience and expertise.
VIPL operates in its own unique way. We take up a project only after we have studied it, analysed its feasibility and are comfortable with all the terms and conditions of the project. We have an in built system of carrying out such studies. Our designers, executors and the commercial team visit the site and prepare a comprehensive report as to how we will go about with the project. We decide on how we will execute it, prepare our design that’ll be best suitable for the working environment, the time frame within which the work will take place, the cash flow etc. All these are calculated prior to commencement of project. Having done this, we’re ready to bid for the job.

Our Company now basically specializes in trenchless technology which is an environmental friendly technology. The company aims at delivering its services with minimum inconvenience to the public without affecting the speed of the work and by providing safety to all.

As a group, we are committed to strategic business development in infrastructure, as the key to nation building in the 21st century.

The first thing we build is relationships

Aiming to achieve perfection in everything we undertake with a commitment to excel. It is the determination to transform every challenge into opportunity, to seize every opportunity to ensure growth and to grow with a human face.

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